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Maryborough, VICTORIA 

Rich in History and Opportunity...

A testament to a rich past shows in the region’s grand buildings, historic cottages, and gracious homes. Today, many a visitor comes to walk in the footsteps of the prospectors of the goldmining era.

Maryborough has a splendid cluster of heritage buildings centred around the Maryborough Civic Centre. The elegant architecture of The Court House, Town Hall, Post Office and Old Fire Station display the fine workmanship of a bygone era.

Today’s visitors come for many reasons: to wander through the lovely box-ironbark forests with its wildflowers, birds and superb display of Wattle in the spring, to research family history, to visit nearby wineries or explore markets, galleries and museums.

The Central Goldfields Art Gallery, now housed in the former fire station building and the fine architecture of the Bull and Mouth Hotel in the main street, are a must-see on any heritage inspired walk.

Maryborough’s art trail starts with the changing exhibitions shown at the Central Goldfields Art Gallery. The Gallery rotates local and contemporary artists from the Goldfields region, and covers a wide range of styles. The Gallery Collection includes work by renowned and local artisits.

No visit is complete without seeing the award winning, historic Maryborough Railway Station dating back to the 1890s. Mark Twain remarked when visiting "You can put the whole population of Maryborough into it with a sofa a piece and have room for more". The station is reported to have the longest platform in country Victoria. Admire the highly polished timber ceiling and beautiful tessellated floor in the main entrance.

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